About Readia


In the summer of 2007, Read (the verb) met Media (the noun) and began a relationship. Despite the obvious differences in their backgrounds, they decided to take a chance on love and joined together to become Readia. The goal of Readia is to alert parents, teachers and others who work with children and low-level readers to high quality literature that fosters a love of reading. Readia is specifically aimed at children who are reluctant to read because they prefer other forms of media. They may also have low skill levels. The books that Sue features will be appropriate for all readers, but are targeted at readers from a variety of cultures and/or low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Sue is a children’s book author with more than fifteen years experience introducing at-risk kids to the joys of reading. She does this through her work in the schools, through her speaking engagements, and as a book reviewer and journalist. Her recent books include: Nothing But Trouble: The Story of Althea Gibson (Knopf, 2007), Donutheart (Knopf, 2006), Bessie Smith and the Night Riders (Putnam, 2006), Harry Sue (Knopf, 2005), and Donuthead (Knopf 2003). Check out her soon-to-be award-winning comic series for late and reluctant readers at www.wiremancomics.com. Check out her other books at her website: www.suestauffacher.com

Our Readia logo was generously donated by the fabulous, famous, friendliest children’s book author and illustrator, Laurie Keller, whose latest book, Do Unto Otters, is already a Readia favorite! Thank you, Laurie!


2 responses to “About Readia

  1. Amy Vancil

    Looking forward to reading the reviews….

  2. Debbie McFalone

    What a wonderful source of information for people! Sue, through your insights and experience, once again you’ve created a resource that’s broad in scope and helpful. You rock the house!

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