How Does the Show Go On?

For Mother’s Day, I’m choosing to do my favorite thing—write about childrens’ books! One of the ways to lure kids to reading is to hook them by using a favorite topic. Maybe they’re obsessed with “High School Musical” or one of the many crime dramas on television. How Does the Show Go On? (Disney, $19.95) is a complete compendium of all things dramatic. Thomas Schumacher, producer of the amazing Broadway musical, “The Lion King,” takes kids backstage to meet all the talented folks required to perform an award-winning theatrical experience. But first, aspiring theater-goers will see a ticket, a playbill, a bit of the script. Photos, notes and sketches abound. This is a great book to have in the classroom before a scheduled performance to avoid what we call in the arts-education biz, ‘drive-by’ art experiences. Getting children ready beforehand and whetting their appetite with a how-it-happens book like How Does The Show Go On? will deepen the experience.


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