Mrs. Biddlebox

Woohoo! It’s Poetry Month. Just my humble opinion, but nobody does poetry like Harcourt. You see lovely poetry books from other publishers, but this is a publisher that seems to have a nose for lilting rhymes, playful, tummy-tickling, rollicking, good-time rhymes. Ferocious free verse. Just great stuff. Sigh. We’ve had quite a week here in Michigan: snow, hail and rain have pelted the adventurous spring buds. That inspired me to re-read Mrs. Biddlebox, Her Bad Day and What She Did About It! (Harcourt, $15) by Linda Smith. “On a grubby little hill, in a dreary little funk, Mrs. Biddlebox rolled over on the wrong side of her bunk.” Poor Mrs. Biddlebox. It looks as gray outside as newly paved cement and she’s just in a horrible mood—can’t you relate? But unlike the rest of us, who simply mutter, what can you do when you live in Michigan/Portland/Buffalo/Toledo? Mrs. Biddlebox decides to be proactive. “I will cook this rotten morning! I will turn it into cake! I will fire up my oven! I will set the day to bake!” Marla Frazee channels grumpy dumpy Mrs. Biddlebox with illustrator’s elan. Sometimes it just pleasing to be in a bad mood. Find more great books from Harcourt at


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