Your for Justice, Ida B. Wells

Another book about intentionality and, okay, one of my all-time favorite rabble-rousersjustice.jpg follows Eubie.  I must say that picture book biographies often err on the side of too much text, but Yours for Justice, Ida B. Wells (Peachtree, $18.95) by Phillip Dray, illustrated by Stephen Alcorn, balances illustrations and information in a way that really works for the picture book format.  Ida Wells, born a slave, rose to become one of the greatest advocates for social justice this country has ever seen.  When yellow fever killed her parents, she became the head of her family of eight at 16 years old.  After receiving her education and becoming a teacher, Wells worked tirelessly as a journalist and speaker, educating the public about the violent aftermath of slavery, particularly the lawless practice of lynching.  Wells’ life was often in peril, but she managed to stay one step ahead of her tormentors.  While this is a hard subject for children, Dray’s illustrations do a great job of symbolizing the aggression without making it too frightening.  These moments in history are not ones that teachers or parents like to share, and yet bravery such as Wells’ needs to be celebrated.  Dray’s afterword is succinct, but sums up Wells’ career and personal life admirably. 


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