Robot Dreams

robot.jpgOkay, so another not-really for pre-schoolers book is Robot Dreams (First Second Books, $16.95).  I’m so excited about what this lovely imprint of Roaring Brook Press is doing.  Wowee! When I did my mental title association for Robot Dreams, I came up with The Little Prince.  That’s high praise from me as excerpts of the latter were read at my wedding!  This is a simple story and a deep story.  There are some words on the sides of boxes and in letters, but nobody ever says anything, so we shall call it another wordless picture book/graphic novel.  It’s the story of a friendship between a robot and a dog.  They’ve got a good interspecies vibe going…seriously.  They luv each other.  After an idyllic day at the beach, robot gets wet and rustifies.  Ouch!  What should dog do?  He doesn’t know what to do, so he does the unthinkable.  He abandons his friend.  And then, of course, is haunted by the action.  His life becomes an effort to reclaim robot.  Robot’s life consists of dreaming himself into better situations than the one he finds himself in.  It’s pretty darn deep.  Okay, here’s another title association: A Separate Peace.  The plot lines of their lives weave through dog trying to create another robot and robot being re-created into something else.  In the end, they both end up satisfyingly, wistfully…okay.  Love the end!!  So if you think you’re not into graphic novels, you better try this one just to be sure.  It would provide loads of discussion for students and kids and parents.  I’ve got my regret stories all ready for when someone decides to ask me.


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  1. I’m intrigued. I’ll order it immediately from my library. You didn’t mention who the author/illustrator is. My old eyes cannot read that cover.

    BTW, keep the recommendations coming!!

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