Friends, forgive me for lying down on the job … literally. I’ve had some sort of crazy infection, but I’m back on my feet and ready to talk more about books that appeal to kids who think they have better things to do than read.

gallop.jpgLet’s start with some eye candy.  My friends at Pooh’s Corner discovered Gallop (Workman, $12.95) and it’s perfect for emerging readers. Called a ‘Scanimation Picture Book,’ it uses a technique of motion photography that makes the pictures seem to move on their own. It’s a novelty book but put together in such a way that little ones can’t pull it apart like a pop-up.  Here’s the text: “Can you gallop like a horse? Giddyup-a-loo! Can you strut like a rooster? Cock-a-doodle-do!There’s one question for each cardboard page spread and on the opposite page, you see a horse seemingly in motion, or a rooster strutting along. There’s a lovely rhyming lilt to the text, key words repeated at the end, and lots of visual interest in this little package … sort of a one-man-band literacy package.



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6 responses to “Gallop

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  2. paplo rucha

    I got and email from a bookshop showing this book and it says it is the first of it’s kind to have moving images!

    Not so.

    Another book called Magic Moving Images by Colin Ord was released way back in May, 2007.

    This MMI book also has a YouTube Video which has been viewed over 400,000 times as proof it existed well before Gallop!.

    Didn’t the publishers of Gallop! do their homework or something!

  3. Dom Pulsey

    Another cool book that has moving images is Magic Moving Images.

    Check out the amazing video on youtube:

  4. Mark Simbly

    Check out the fantastic Magic Moving Images book instead. It has loads more animations and is aimed at ‘all’ age groups.

    A lot cheaper too!

  5. dillon marks

    What’s the deal with ‘technology’ used in the Gallop! book!

    The Magic Moving Images book doesn’t tout ‘technology’ and it works in the same, if not a better way! It’s more interactive and you can speed up and slow down the animation as you like. Also offsetting the acetate can give some very funny and amuzing effects, something you cant do with Gallop!.

  6. Anybody knows what this technique is called? want to try same thing

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