Oooh! Matisse

matisse.jpgMil Niepold takes a similar playful turn with the abstract cut-outs of Matisse in “Oooh! Matisse” (Tricycle, $14.95).  While recovering from a serious operation, the painter Matisse was bedridden for some time.  He began making abstract cut outs.  Niepold plays a delightful game as he gives kids a very close-up of one of Matisse’s abstract shapes in blue and yellow and asks: “What is this?”  Now to me, it looks like the comb of a turkey, the rays of the sun or blue paint spilling over a can.  Niebold says: “yellow, I am the sun and blue I am the fingers that shield my eyes.” As we see more of the image it suggests different shapes and objects, until finally, Niepold gives us “oooh!” Matisse’s intention.  As with the best books, getting there is half the fun, and it would be very easy to find some Matisse cut outs on the web and present them to kids for art class or critical thinking exercises. 


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  1. Mil Niepold

    Thank you so much for this review! Yes, getting there (or here) was half the fun! I am so glad that you enjoyed our book.

    Kind regards,


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