Where in the Wild?

Reading is in my nature! And nature is in my reading. Check it out…

I’m silent and still, till I leap out and pounce.wild.jpg
Even prey twice my size I can easily trounce.
To feast on a rabbit, a rat, or a mole,
I stalk it, then capture it deep in its hole.


The above lines are contained in a poem with true reluctant reader appeal. They beg the question, who is this wily beast? But the answer isn’t immediately forthcoming as we must search through the photograph on the opposite page to find the cunning critter. Where in the Wild? Camouflaged Creatures Concealed …and Revealed (Tricycle, $15.95) is going to interest your reading-averse kids. The poems are short and catchy. Kids must search through the accompanying photo for the featured animal camouflaged in their native environment. When they lift the flap, they’ll see where the animal’s been hiding as well as learn some interesting facts about it. With ear-tickling poems by David M. Schwartz and Yael Schy and eye-tricking photos by Dwight Kuhn, kids are going to vie to be the first reader of this cool nature book. Where did I spy Where in the Wild? At my local independent children’s bookstore, Pooh’s Corner!

P.S. The answer to this riddle? The weasel.


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