Guinness World Records

guinness.jpgMaybe you think a couch that can travel 87 miles per hour is not interesting. Even if it had a steering wheel made out of a pizza pan, a chocolate bar to shift gears and a cola can to brake, you probably wouldn’t be interested in it. If the couch mobile seems so dull you’d rather dig into a Henry James novel then you also won’t be interested in records like “longest ear hair,” “largest popcorn sculpture” or “most valuable comic book.” All are duly recorded in Guinness World Records: To The Extreme (Scholastic Reference, $14.99). Record books of all kinds, especially the Guinness kind with their silver reflecting colors and copious pictures of outrageous things are a hit with reluctant readers. For years, I’ve kept record books like these in the back seat of the car for spontaneous reading to and from practices and events. They usually invoke deep philosophical quandaries like, “How does the woman with the world’s longest fingernails pull down her underwear to pee?” Or “Does ear hair create significant drag in a swim meet situation?” Your children will doubtless be as brilliant as mine—or at least as much fun at birthday parties—if you buy them books like these.


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