Bluford High Series

bluford.jpgI have a question for you.  I have heard from a very reliable source that the Bluford High Series by Anne Schraaf is a real winner with urban teens. Has anyone had any experience with this? I am planning to test them out in my own book clubs at Martin Luther King Middle here in Grand Rapids, so I’ll tell all when I know more.



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  1. Chuck Heitzer

    The Bluford series is very popular with the students at the Juvenile Detention Center – both boys and girls. They like the characters and the fact they reappear in different books. The books have a comfortable readabilty level at a fifth to sixth grade reading level for our mostly high school-aged students. The students identify with the real life situations in the stories especially since most are of the main characters are African Americans. This series may still be available at a lower price offered by the original publisher Townsend.

  2. Abrianna Brooks

    I would really like to know were I can find out how many Blueford High books their are and were can you buy the whole series without skipping all over the page to find the different books.

  3. Abrianna Brooks

    please just tell me were i can get the blueford series withouy searching every were for all of the books.

  4. readia

    Hello Abrianna, I found this list on the web site. If you go to your public library and type in the keyword part Bluford High all the Bluford books the library has should come up. If you’re confused how to do it, take the list below in and ask a librarian for help. These books are all by the author Anna Schraff. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help you further. Sue

    Lost and Found
    A Matter of Trust The sequel to Lost and Found
    Secrets in the Shadows
    Someone to Love Me
    The Bully
    The Gun: The sequel to The Bully
    Until We Meet Again: Sequel to A Matter of Trust
    Blood Is Thicker: sequel to Until We Meet Again
    Brothers in Arms:
    Summer of Secrets:
    The Fallen – This sequel to Brothers in Arms
    Shattered – This sequel to Summer of Secrets
    Search for Safety

  5. Faith

    i love the bluford high books and i reccomend them to people who do not like to read

  6. Karen

    Some of the books in the series (my kids say the boy ones) are written by Paul Langan, not Anne Schraff, so that might help if you are searching for them. I have purchased the whole set for our junior high library and have had to purchase multiple copies of all of them because I can’t keep them on the shelf. I’ve never had a series of books move strictly by word of mouth like this one. Kids who never check out have worked their way through the entire series and I have now turned them on to Walter Dean Myers, Sharon Flake, Sharon Draper. Note: The Gun has been re-titled as Payback.

  7. O my gosh i love the Bluford series like faith said this is the best series for anyone who dosen’t like reading i hate reading and the first time i read a matter of trust i just had to keep reading the rest so if you are interested in drama,relationships, sadness, and other interesting topics you should check out the Bluford series at your local book store or library and pick up a copy for yourself.

  8. jennifer

    i just love y’alls bluford series(100%)but my ultimate favorite one is secrets in the shadows and until we meet again my favorite part in until we meet again is when hakeems breaks up with darcy and she meets another guy named brian. i would love to get all of y’alls bluford series it will be the greatest thing in my life

  9. olivia

    I love bluford high books my whole class do everytime one of us have one of da books we all pass it around wen one person get finish bluford high books are loved down here

  10. Tiki

    I think this is a wonderfu series. My son was always a reader but when I brought home “The Gun” he simply could not put it down. After only one afternoon he had made it to chapter 4, he was so excited the next day to share it with his teacher – she immediately turned it over to the principle and belittled him in front of the class saying this is the solution to all his problems…a gun. It’s a shame such great writing was so quickly judged by it’s cover. As a public librarian I highly recommend this entire series.

  11. MiMi

    i like ur books

  12. amber

    hey i LOVE your books i really get into them

  13. jackie

    i love bluford series im 14 years old and iwasnt that interested in books until i told my teacher my problems and she told me 2 read these books and it made me realize that my problems arent realy bad like i thought they were =]

  14. kierra

    i am doing a book report on Paul Langan and i wanted to know, where could i find a picture of this author at???
    pls respond back asap

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