I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean

ocean.gifGet the word out? We already have subscribers from coast-to-coast, but I’d like to reach more adults who can use this information to reach children. Please email me at sue@suestauffacher.com with your suggestions for listservs, blogs and websites you feel might want to link to readia…or let them know yourself. Thanks so much!

Here’s a dilemma. Your third/fourth/fifth graders are going to read to the kindergartners, but you have a low skill level child who’s not a confident reader. Worry not. Kevin Sherry’s I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean (Dial, $16.99) is the perfect book for brilliant three-year-olds or late lovers to reading aloud. The premise is a classic one. It’s about bragging. Everyone knows a braggadocio, but this squid—excuse me, this GIANT squid—takes the proverbial cake. He’s bigger than the shrimp (of course). He’s also bigger than the turtles, the jellyfish, the shark, the crab and other assorted fish. When he gets swallowed by a whale, well, after a slight pause he has an answer for that one, too. Sherry, who wrote and illustrated the book, has great design instincts, a simple splashy presentation and a wonderful sense of humor. The lovely thing about the book is that pretty much every page begins with “I’m bigger than…” and readers, even nervous ones, can use the pictures to prod their memory if the words seem too hard. If you need a writing prompt, ask kids in what areas they excel. Then, after reading the book, have them write their own ‘brag book.’

If you have another suggestion for a book that doesn’t seem like a ‘baby’ book, but is easy and fun to read aloud, please add your comments here!



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2 responses to “I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean

  1. We have this book and love it. The colors are so pretty and my daughter has no trouble paying attention to it when we read it, even though she’s two.

    I think Raindrop Plop is another really great book that might work for a fun and easy read aloud book.

  2. My son was actually an early reader, but he keeps the younger books on his shelves and keeps going back to them. As a third/fourth grader, he did read to kindergarteners, and Dav Pilkey’s books were always a huge hit for both reader and listener.

    Captain Underpants
    Ricky Ricotta
    The Dumb Bunnies

    Joke and riddle books–also fun.

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