Aunt Nancy

aunt-nancy.jpgI have loved Aunt Nancy since Phyllis Root dreamed her up and Candlewick published her in 1996. A lot has changed since then. My five year old then is now sixteen. The boys dearly loved it when I read Aunt Nancy’s escapades with Old Man Trouble in a deep southern accent. Oh, the mileage we got out of what Old Man Trouble would do around our house! Now Candlewick has packaged four Aunt Nancy stories—two previously published and two brand new—together so kids can enjoy them all in Aunt Nancy and the Bothersome Visitors (Candlewick, $16.99). First Old Man Trouble dries up her spring, then Cousin Lazybones expects to be waited on during an extended visit and finally. In my favorite of the new stories, Aunt Nancy has to outwit Mister Death himself. There are so many clever little asides, puns and silly metaphors. As Root puts it, “Never was nobody as tricksy as Aunt Nancy.” Children will love to write their own Aunt Nancy stories about horrid pets or troublesome teachers or pesky parents. They can mimic the form and voice and use examples from their own experience. Lovely woodcut illustrations and a smaller-than-picture-book size make this right for young ones and independent readers.



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3 responses to “Aunt Nancy

  1. I am thrilled to hear there will be more Aunt Nancy books! I’ve loved those books for years and often wondered what Aunt Nancy might be up to these days. I am also a fan of all Phyllis Root’s picture books.
    If you love Aunt Nancy, be sure to look for her book, Rosie’s Fiddle. It might be out-of-print now, but I am sure it is still in libraries.

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. I heard about your blog on Fuse #8 and I’m looking forward to reading it. A suggestion: I hope that you’ll tag your posts, maybe by the age the book is intended for. That way, I could look for all the books reviewed that my daughter might be interested in.

  3. readia

    Maya, this is an excellent idea, and I will comply as soon as ever I figure out how to tag things…I’m a bit slow at this, but my hope is to be able to code things so that if you’re looking for a great read aloud, a list comes up, or funny books, etc. It is a bit difficult to write ages as I will be, at times, writing about books that are aimed at younger readers, but pleasurable to older ones with or without high reading skills. But we’ll figure it out…

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